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Copper Kettle Chocolate Factory

(Originally posted December 2018, hence the Christmas photos, but see below for a few updates!)

Cypress, and pretty much every area of Houston that I can think of, has more than their fair share of nail salons, mattress stores, and dry cleaners. No disrespect intended to these establishments of course, but how many mattresses can I really purchase on a regular basis?

I remember driving by and noticing the sign for Copper Kettle Chocolate Factory in the shopping center at the front of my neighborhood a few years ago. There may have been a little apprehension initially because, come on, it’s chocolate and my self-restraint has been known to weaken, but I was so excited because this was something different, something that every corner doesn’t already have.

Scott and Carrie Kossoudji opened the store on November 29, 2014. Scott had worked as a trial attorney for fourteen years and before that, had served in the Navy. After several years of planning, the couple opened the store with the intent to offer the Cypress area a fine chocolate shop, and I’m here to tell you, they have succeeded!

Remember when you were a kid and your parents or maybe even grandparents took you to a shop and the memory and smells of that place still stick in your mind? For me, I remember the original Antone’s, Swensen Ice Cream Parlors, King’s Confectionary in Galveston, and Kegg’s Candies in the Meyerland area. (Side note: King’s is still there and smells and feels the same! The rest, sadly, are not).

Copper Kettle Chocolate Factory will be one of those places for future generations. Carrie and Scott have done an amazing job of balancing whimsy, quirkiness, and charm into the design of the store which includes a large window to the work area where you can watch your favorites being made by hand. The smell of chocolate greets you as you enter the store like a hug. Smells have no calories folks, no need to stay away if you’re watching what you eat.

And, it goes without saying, their chocolate is excellent! I could write pages and pages on all the great offerings, and I’ll mention some below, but dear reader, you need to go visit for yourself, and the sooner the better.

Christmas is a particularly fun time of year, you’ll want to take the kids to try Snowman Soup! This particularly creative spin on hot chocolate is sure to delight your little ones. Carrie has displays galore of their chocolates professionally wrapped and ready for Christmas gifts, small and large. You’ll find your traditional chocolates in foil box displays, but also fun options like chocolate dipped gummi bears.

They carry Buckeyes, a delightful combination of chocolate and peanut butter, all year long in honor of their Ohio roots. Scott’s parents have been making chocolate for 30 years in Ohio, it’s how he learned his craft, and that heritage shows. Other specialties include Chocolate Dipped Bacon for Father’s Day, and Chocolate Dipped Strawberries for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. There is chocolate and other sweets on pretty much every shelf and display...Toffee, Brittle, Truffles, Dipped Stuff (Oreos, Graham Crackers, Twinkies, you get the idea), and many, many others.

When you hear comments about shopping local, this is the type of establishment we’re talking about. You can’t get this quality of chocolate on Amazon, and this charm cannot be found at a big chain store. You are just as welcomed when you buy a single piece of chocolate (which is actually what I most often do) or if you’re buying a big assortment for all your kid’s teachers. The store and the Kossoudjis are such a great representation of our community, stop by and try it. I recommend stopping by in the next few weeks, there are a lot of easy holiday gifts here!

Where: Corner of Spring Cypress and Telge, and yes, the construction is done at that intersection. For my non-Cypress friends, it’s still an easy drive around the Grand Parkway. Exit Telge and head south about four miles.

Rebecca’s Favorite: Caramel Apples!!! Best I’ve ever had, though I’m also a fan of their Sugar Free products which I treat myself with from time to time when I’m being good. 2021 Update: of course I have more favorites!! The ones I've mentioned before are still awesome, but they've added more than a few caramel/toffee/chocolate concoctions that I adore. For my quick chocolate fix, they are my source for chocolate covered espresso beans.

Rebecca Robertson is a Realtor who specializes in Cypress, Spring, Tomball, and Katy, as well as the rest of Houston, and a resident of Cypress since 1986. No need to do the math there, just pointing out that she really likes the area.


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