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Search Houston Area Listings

When you're ready to start your home search, and after you've secured your financing, let's chat!

Most buyers find their future home online (like 95%), so starting online is a great approach!

The three links below are to search engines within Houston's local MLS (aka HAR), which is a great place to start.

Other Search Engines and Real Estate Links

Listings start their internet journey by first being entered into the local MLS, which here in the Houston area is HAR.  

In Houston, is currently the most prevalent search engine, but there are times when other options make sense.  

Do you have other favorite search engines?  Send them my way and I'll add them here!

One warning though, since listings originate from HAR, that's where the most up to date information is. 


If your dream house says available on Zillow, you may want to double check the status on HAR before you get too excited.

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